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Product introduction:
Stainless steel Angle type globe valve opening and closing is plug valve, sealing surfaces appear flat or cone, disc make linear movement along the centerline of fluid.Stem form of exercise, there is lifting lever (valve rod, the handwheel don't lift), there are also lift rotating lever (hand wheel rotating lifting with the valve stem and nut in the body). 
Material: stainless steel, cast steel, cast iron, forging steel, aluminum alloy, A105, 316, 304.
Product use
Flange connection of casting copper valve applies to ANSI Class 150 ~ 2500 lb, working temperature 600 ℃ or less oil, chemical, thermal power plant under various working conditions such as the pipeline, cut off or connect medium.Applicable medium: water, oil, steam, etc.Operation mode: manual, gear drive, electric, pneumatic, etc.
Product structure characteristics
1. The use of flange threaded connection, pipe ends for flange connection structure, can be used to form a complete set of imported equipment.
2. The disc and seat sealing surface using department too vertical (stellite) cobalt-based hard alloy surfacing and become, wear-resisting,
3. The stem by conditioning and surface nitriding treatment, has the good corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance.
4. Flange sealing with metal ring gasket, high strength, reliable sealing, good durability.
5.1500 LB ∽ 2500 LB midplane using pressure self-tightening seal structure.Rise with inner pressure seal performance, high reliability.
6. Pour the seal is made of stainless steel threaded connection seal or ontology austenitic stainless steel welding and become, reliable sealing and packing replacement can be, in the case of non-stop convenient do not affect system operation.

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